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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I need to buy supplements or meal replacements?

No, everything your body needs to be its healthiest is found in whole food nutrition. Everything you will need for the program will be found at your grocery store or farmer's market.

Do I have to be a member of a gym?

No, gym membership is not a must because all workouts can be done at home with a pair of dumbbells or similar home equipment.

What does the program include?

1. A customized nutritional plan to help you meet your goals

2. Weekly meal-planning tips and templates

3. Smart food shopping tips to save you money with zero waste

4. Weekly workout routines

5. Daily coaching and encouragement in small online accountability group

How is this different from a ketogenic or low carb diet?

A keto diet is high fat, low carb, and moderate protein, and a low carb diet is just that--low in carbs. How Fuel Good differs is simple. We focus on the proper amount of these three (protein, fat and carb) to be healthy, not just lose a few quick pounds. We implement carb cycling and intermittent fasting. Overall, Fuel Good Co creates a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime of lean muscle and total body wellness.

Am I required to be on Facebook?

You are not required to be on Facebook to participate. However, to receive the most benefit from our accountability group, you should be part of one of our Facebook private groups.

What is intermittent fasting?

We practice intermittent fasting everyday.  It's not a diet, but rather an eating window. We wait a little longer to eat after we wake up in the morning to receive the maximum benefit from our digestive systems being allowed to rest.